Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall Fest

It's time for Fall Fest at the Montessori school again.  This time last year I was about 48 hours (or less) away from having Reece - so I was pretty uncomfortable as I waddled around campus with the boys.  So in last year's pictures, Reece is still in my huge belly, but this year he is walking down the hall with Gabe!  (Man, he is growing soo fast!)

This year I couldn't take the day off, so I didn't get to go - which is a real bummer because it looks like it was a lot better than last year!  We are lucky that Doug can go to all these things - so at least I get to see some pictures.  As you can see, there was face painting.  During the Spring Fling last year Gabe would not let anyone paint his face, so I was pretty pleased to see he had been willing to do it this time around.  Grayson, on the other hand, loves having his face done.  He is a cat - "see my whiskers?"  He was sure he had whiskers for at least two days.  Once he realized they were gone he wanted to know "why people no have whiskers?"  I think he felt slighted by the whole thing!

Doug got some nice shots of both boys by themselves on the hay - as well as some really cute class pictures.  I think he is quickly becoming the school photographer!  Doug also noted the Reece has decided he likes Grayson's class and very much just joined right in to the activities.  He is still too young for the class, but don't tell him - he is sure he's just one of the gang.

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