Saturday, November 26, 2011

That's BIG Ornange!!!

"That's a big ornange!"
 OK, well really it's a peach - but the boys are convinced it's an "ornange."  It has become the thing they associate the drive to with.  As we were pulling out onto I-81 in northern VA Gabe was SURE he could see it already - since we were, after all, on our way to SC. 

We stopped at the big peach  and let them run around both coming and going.  On the way down when we stopped we learned that they actually have picnic tables around the base of the Gaffney Peach - so we planned accordingly and packed a picnic lunch for our drive back up.

There was a downhill slope Reece just couldn't escape!

Setting out our picnic.
We had a really nice weather day on the drive back, so we let them play and run for about an hour.  While the food wasn't exactly great - we figured it was kind of cruel to keep them locked in car seats for 10 hours and the few times get out to ask them to sit quietly in a restaurant. 

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