Monday, November 21, 2011

Meal Planning Monday : Nov 21

It is going to be a crazy week - half a week of school for the me and the boys, then another 500 mile drive to SC - and back - with 3 year old twins and a 1 year old.  Maybe I'll pack some wine in my water bottle...

Because we are going to SC for the holiday I actually don't have to cook this Thanksgiving - but I think I would rather cook a turkey than spend almost 24 hours in the car over the next week!

So our short week looks like this:

Monday: Cuban Black Bean Soup (made in crock pot overnight)
Tuesday: Tuna Noodle Casserole
Wednesday: Clean out the fridge night.
Thursday: Travel day - we'll be in the car all day
Friday:  Delayed Turkey Day in SC.
Saturday: Minimal cooking in SC...Probably a quick pasta
Sunday: Travel day - trekking back to VA

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Barb said...

Good luck with the traveling! We've avoided longer trips so I don't have any good tips to share other than pack snacks, drinks, and easy car games. And some music and books on CD.