Tuesday, January 24, 2012


My kids love to go to the dentist, eye doctor, whatever.  They are totally "into" going and seeing the equipment, touching all the "stuff" and getting the sticker in the end.  Weird, right?  So Tuesday they had their 6 month check up at the dentist - and then we had to get two pairs of Grayson's glasses fixed.  Yep - he broke them both.

They were so good - the folks always comment on how great they are - which is always nice to hear :)  One really great thing about their dentist is the totally cool playhouse in the waiting room.  The boys love it and it keeps them contained.

On our way home it was starting to be dusk and we drove through this pass where there are always 1000's of birds feeding.  We hit the timing just right and when they saw it they wanted to go back and watch.  So we turned the car around, parked on the side of the road and just watched with the sun roof open.  I love that my kids notice this sort of thing AND that they are interested.  And as we got home the sun was just setting and they noticed the moon was just the thinnest sliver, but you could see the whole outline - almost like and eclipse.  Gabe announced he was going to ride an airplane all the way to it and then use a parachute to get back down.


MHamm said...
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MHamm said...

Such a sweet story. It's nice when children appreciate the wonders that don't cost a dime. Enjoy these moments. I put alot of thought into Henry's sixteenth birthday presents for today. The first thing he pulled from the bag got an eye roll and the second thing he said "this isn't the right one". I suppose I won't take it personally! As I said, enjoy the moments you have now with the kiddos because you'll need the memories in your head for when they are older!