Wednesday, January 18, 2012

PreSchooler Fun : Glass Beads

As I went to type the title of the post I realized that my boys - well, the twins - really aren't toddlers anymore!  I don't know why I didn't realize this before.  They are almost 3.5 - so I guess that makes them preschoolers!  Yikes!  When did that happen??  So now I think I need a new label.

So I have been lurking at a great site called Play at Home Mom and it has tons of great ideas.  While I can only wish to be so creative and offer my kids so many great things, I figured I could at least start small.  Since I am not at home during the day I can't really set up the 'invitations,' but I have been trying to offer up a new activity every few days when I get home.

I gave the boys to containers of glass beads and sparkle beads (both out of the floral department), a couple white bowls, and spoons.  I had the red and blue glass beads in one container and the clear and yellow sparkle beads in the other.  When I set them out the first thing Gabe asked was "How are we supposed to do this?"  I told them they could play with them how ever they wanted.

First they just stuck their hands down in them and wiggled their fingers, then they pulled the beads out and looked at them.  Then the scooping, pouring, and mixing began.  This simple set up kept them fully engaged for almost 40 minutes.  When they were done they picked them all up and even brought me the containers to put up so their little brother wouldn't get into them when he got home. 

I was amazed at how much they enjoyed this.  (They even asked for it again Thursday morning!)

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Concrete Girl said...

I also love lurking on Play at Home Mom and I think it's made me a better mother because I try to think outside the box with my little guy :) Looks like your boys are having fun!!