Saturday, January 7, 2012

Exploring Ice

While Reece was taking a nap today we spent the entire time outside since it was in the 50s - which is a treat for January.  The boys helped me clean flower beds, played on the trampoline, went around and around in the swings, then we explored the ice that had formed on the little swimming pool that never got emptied (I know, I know - but we're busy!)

They were both enthralled by the fact it was solid - they touched it and were surprised when it offered resistance - and by how cold it was, given it was not cold outside.  They both found little trucks and brought them over to see if they would stay on top of the ice.  This lead to a great conversation about why we don't go on the ice.  Then they smashed it up with the trucks and saw the big pieces would float.  They fished some out and looked through them, too. 

We need to try and remember that at this age everything is new and exciting. 

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