Friday, January 6, 2012

Playing in the Dark

In my search for new ideas of things to do with the kids I came across a really great blog that has tons of easy ideas to try.  I knew I had some glow sticks in the kitchen somewhere, so I tried the 'hide and seek' in the dark with them.  It was a huge success.  They stayed in the kitchen with Doug while I hid them and then they ran around the downstairs looking for all the glowing sticks.  Once they found them they continued to play with them - linking them together, making shapes with them and just being silly in general.

When it was time to go up for a bath the glow sticks went with them and they took a bath in the dark, playing with them in the tub.  They learned they float, loved how they would make the whole tub glow, and generally had fun until the water got cold.  Gabe even took his to bed with him!

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