Saturday, February 11, 2012

Feb Organization Update!

Cubby unit on the right!
Well, a little over a week ago I decided to take the Feb Challenge and get my dining/living room under control.  Since I got hit with a mega-illness last week and was dragging around with a fever and my head about to explode I didn't get much done - but I was thinking about it!

Saturday we went and bought a 9-cubby shelving unit to use to get the project started.  I purged a box of toys and a baby seat, but clearly still have a lot more to go.  Saturday night we put the unit together and almost instantly the boys started putting their toys on the shelves and in the baskets - telling us they were putting Reece's stuff so he could see it and deciding what should go where.  Doug was amazed, as this was with no prompting from us at all!  I know he had his doubts about the whole idea of the shelves, but I really thought it would work - and it looks like it is going to!  I think I will probably end up going back and getting another unit in the next week or so to finish it off.

So the photos don't show much progress, but things have been removed and we have started organizing the toys.  I also can now see a lot of the top of the table.  The big mess in the back corner is all my scrap-booking stuff.  It needs a new home, so that hasn't been tackled yet, but is coming.

I really wish I could do the empty it out / start fresh approach, but with three little ones and no storage space (or even a door you can close downstairs!  It is all open) it just can't happen that way.  So for now I will be hanging my hopes on the fact it always gets worse before it gets better - and keep plugging away at it.

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