Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's a sousaphone...

Gabe is in a phase right now where he is obsessed with all things musical.  When we watched the Christmas parade in town, he was not concerned with Santa.  Nooo - he was excited to see the marching band.  We took him to the HS band concert - he literally danced in the isles.

Every instrument is equally loved - pianos,  the fife (yes - fife), drums, xylophone, and his current most favorite - the sousaphone.  Which, in case you didn't know, is the actual name of the tuba that gets carried in a marching band.  (I admit, I did not know this, but somehow my 3.5 year old DOES know this.)

Having lunch at the Hardware store
And would someone please tell my 1.5 year old that he is growing up way too fast??  He insists on sitting at the table, with a fork, and eating the grown up food available.

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