Thursday, February 2, 2012

Power Lines

Driving home today I was detoured around town for a mystery reason.  What I could tell from a distance was that the street was completely blocked off and there were 4 - yes, 4! - cherry picker/bucket trucks working on the power lines.  And did I mention it was 68 degrees outside - in January??  Well, putting two and two together I decided that the absolute instant I got home the boys and I were taking a walk to see what all the excitement was about.

I came in the back door and we promptly left out the front door about 3 minutes later - just long enough to insist the little boys take some potty breaks.  We walked all the way to the other side of town - maybe half a mile? - to see what was going on.  Gabe carried his trusty stick the entire way, poking it in every puddle and grate we came to.  We saw the police directing traffic in the intersection where there was no power.  The boys decided he didn't have a "real" police car because there were no lights on top.  (It was an unmarked one.)  Then we hopped over the railroad tracks - more fun, to be sure!  Finally we came to the bucket trucks.  They were hanging new lines.  Apparently someone had been kind enough to plow their big truck through a few poles this morning and knocked power out to half the town.  The boys were disappointed they couldn't get closer.  It was a long walk - over half a mile each way.  We were out for at least 90 minutes.

Another odd thing about this weather - we saw this coming out the back door on our patio:

It was just slowly walking across the concrete. 

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