Friday, February 17, 2012

Feb Organization Challenge Update #2

We continue to be plagued by sickness in our house, so progress has been really, really slow going.  I had hoped to have more done by this point.  This week I managed to get the second cubby shelf put together, take things to GoodWill, and I got the dining room table completely cleaned off.  I know, there is stuff on it in the picture - that is new stuff.  I am tackling the piles of things that have been lurking behind the baby gate - so I started by pulling out a huge mess of it and started sorting and purging.  Again - it is slow, but there is at least some progress.  I'm happy this challenge made me start.

Now I hope to get the kids play table in the room and continue to tackle the mess in the back corner.  I would have liked to have moved things around more, but we just can't because of the placement of windows and the radiator.  The mirror and table in the corner would be way too hard to move, as are walls are plaster on brick - and hanging that huge mirror was quite the task in the first place.  We decided it was better just to work around it for these few years when the kids are still so little.

So, like I said, not show room / magazine perfect - but getting better and hopefully it will be highly functional for us.  That is what we are aiming for.  With three boys under the age of 4, I have long let go of the concept of perfectly clean!

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