Monday, February 20, 2012

Meal Planning Monday : Feb 20

This is the first week since I started meal planning that I just don't feel like doing it.  I know a lot of it has to do with being sick and the fact we are all worn out and exhausted - but I also know that is even more reason that I SHOULD be planning.  Ugh.

The one exciting (?) thing is that yesterday I made my weekly batch of bread and decided to make one of the loaves cinnamon raisin.  I wasn't sure how much I should use, and now that I have sliced it I realize I could have used A LOT more, but it still smells heavenly in the toaster.  It even kind of looks like the fancy $4.00 a loaf bread in the store.  After almost sending Gabe to the hospital last week because I used a different brand of Nutella and didn't read the label (may contain traces of other tree nuts) I have decide the more control I have over our food the better.

So my half hearted attempt of meal planning for the week looks like this:

Monday: chicken / pasta something...
Tuesday:  Homemade Pizza that didn't happen last week
Wednesday: Beef and Barley Veggie soup with biscuits
Thursday:  Soft Tacos
Friday:  Crock Pot day - taking Grayson to Baltimore

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