Thursday, February 9, 2012

Playing with Light

Gabe looking down at the blue tile on his flashlight
I am feeling pretty crappy today so my efforts with the boys have been pretty low key - however, they seemed pretty content to sit on the couch and let me look at books with them, which is a good thing since I have little to no voice.  Hopefully the antibiotics will start to work their magic soon!

Later in the evening a simple flashlight became a toy that entertained for over an hour.  Doug would see what he could make "fit" in the circle of light.  Then the boys took off with the flashlight and did the same all over the house.  They discovered that when you shine it up through the plants you see shadows on the ceiling.  Then they started taking their little transparent colored tiles and putting them over the top of the flashlight and shining it up on the ceiling.  They were very excited to see the colors and shapes all the way up on the ceiling!  The made finger shadows, mixed colors, and explored how moving closer and farther away changed the shape/size of the light circle. 

I love seeing how something so simple can be so fun.  I kind of feel sorry for the people who plop their kids down in front of the TV all afternoon and miss out on seeing the excitement they have when they discover something new.

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