Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Morning

I'm still slowly introducing ideas from Play at Home Mom to my kiddos.  The glass beads were such a success that we moved on to the colored plastic tiles.  I don't have the chance to set up the cool invitations that PAHM does, but I kind of set it up on the fly.  We cleared the table off together and then I pulled out the bag of tiles, some white bowls, and some animals.  I just put it all out on the table and let them have their fun.  They were a little more 'prepared' for the free play this time.  They dumped them out, named the colors and shapes they saw.  Then the cool stuff started - all on their own they started holding them up and looking through them.  They were excited every time they did it - now you're green! now you're red! now you're blue! and so on.  Then they started holding up two at a time.  (yellow and blue - you look green!) Very cool to watch it unfold.
Grayson was the first to declare a plan.  He told me he was going to make a road.  He started lining up the tiles.  Then Gabe grabbed a dish, filled it and said he was feeding his lion.

Reece and I had some one on one time later where we worked with the pegged blocks.  He seemed to like to put them on randomly, but then pull them off and make sure the block matched the peg.  

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